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The Carden Method® in Third Grade


Carden Third Grade


Grade Three brings more advanced word analysis and comprehension techniques. Reading techniques the children have learned are strengthened and modified for application in the content areas. Besides learning how to read well, the child learns how to study by himself. Reading now emphasizes deeper concentration and opens a wider scope of comprehension. Longer sentences provide opportunities for coordination of phrases and clauses. The child enjoys receiving the art of summarizing in his own words the reading material of the text. He needs the realization that the different ideas of a story or essay hold together and group themselves under headings. If a child learns to organize material, he will be able to study systematically and make quicker, surer progress. The comparison of chapter with chapter and story with story establishes intelligent thinking, good judgment, and mental flexibility. Punctuation marks are reviewed and the exclamation mark is added. Verbs are strengthened. The three persons, singular and plural, are mastered. In connection with this advanced art of learning to read, the basic, fundamental sounds and reading techniques are constantly reviewed and applied. Without these, the child cannot adequately progress to higher levels of learning and corresponding achievement.

Much of the third grade reading book is based on nature because it is easier for the youngster in the primary grades to organize this kind of factual information. Such experience promotes thoughtful analysis and trains the mind to function systematically and intelligently. The mental image produced by the meaning of the words forming the ideas and concepts encourages deep concentration. The absence of pictures from the pages of the Carden readers encourages concentration and discourages guessing. Deeper concentration naturally results in better comprehension.