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Carden Preschool Program

CARDEN® Preschool offers a pleasant, purposeful atmosphere in which three- and four-year-old children are awakened to the joy of learning. Carden trained teachers offer constructive guidance, and are aware of the particular needs of each child. Carden utilizes a three-step learning process through which children experience, identify, and define the flowers, plants, and animals that fill the world around them. Carden teachers help the children’s vocabulary to grow by using adult vocabulary. Carefully selected literature promotes the development of a powerful vocabulary. Children will enjoy Ask Mr. Bear and Good Night Moon, among others. Listening to their teacher read short Carden stories such as Who Likes to Fly? will introduce young ones to rhythmic reading and questions to develop comprehension as they begin to read on their own. CARDEN® Preschool provides practical experience with numbers. Through the use of games, pictures, and colorful blocks, children come to understand the concept of whole numbers, and to experience addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. All CARDEN® Preschools are independently owned and operated. If you are interested in Carden for your preschool please visit Getting Started with Carden.



Each CARDEN SCHOOL® is independently owned and operated. Although they may vary in size and facility, they do share a fundamental commitment to provide instruction based on the philosophy and teaching techniques developed by Mae Carden. Carden teachers help their students develop a genuine desire to read, write, speak, and listen accurately. They instill good work habits in their students, and the stamina to work productively. In a CARDEN SCHOOL®, the individuality of each and every student is respected. Such an atmosphere encourages students to respect the individuality of others. The Carden Curriculum emphasizes the interrelationship of the content of the subjects presented. It releases teaching time for a broadened curriculum because of the success students achieve in language arts. To learn more about the Carden Curriculum, please review the subjects listed on the sidebar. To ensure the quality of Carden instruction, CARDEN SCHOOLS arrange for their teachers to attend regularly scheduled educational programs offered by the Carden Educational Foundation. To learn more about training for Carden teachers, please visit our Training Schedule. Are you interested in Carden for your school? You are welcome to call 843-535-0090 or visit our Getting Started with Carden page.

CARDEN® Home School

The CARDEN METHOD® is available to parents who are unable to find a Carden School locally, or who have decided that home schooling is appropriate for their family. Instruction in Carden’s philosophy of education and teaching techniques is required to assure successful learning. If you are interested in Carden for your home school, we are happy to help. Please visit Getting Started with Carden for more information. You are also welcome to call 843-535-0090. Our staff will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

CARDEN® Teacher Training

Successful learning depends upon quality teaching. The Carden Educational Foundation regularly schedules seminars, workshops, and demonstration teaching classes designed to equip new and experienced Carden teachers with the skills they need to bring their students success and joy in learning. To learn more about upcoming Carden training courses, please visit our Training Schedule page. If you don’t see the training you would like to attend in a convenient location, please call the Carden Foundation at 843-535-0090. We would be happy to send a Carden instructor to you.