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A Language Arts Curriculum for Every Grade Level



Students using the CARDEN METHOD® learn to rhythmically group words within sentences, emphasizing the key word of the sentence to indicate understanding. Classification of the key word to express the main idea of the sentence enables the acquisition of new vocabulary. A Language Arts curriculum map is in place at every grade level.

As early as the first grade students learn to:

• Summarize sentences, paragraphs, and chapters
• Ask questions that develop literal understanding and cultivate critical thinking
• Practice recall and organization of material read

These activities carried on through grade eight equip Carden students with study skills needed to achieve their educational goals.



Language Arts Teaching Strategies



The phonics base used in reading is also used to encode, or spell words. The rules of grammar are applied. The dictation of paragraphs is used as a beneficial exercise of spelling skills. Spelling lessons are built around the subjects of history, science, art, and technology.



Printing is taught with an approach designed to avoid confusion through clarity of presentation and unique sequencing. Emphasis is placed on the construction, not the copying, of letters in order to give the student mastery and self-confidence. Cursive writing and penmanship are introduced in Grade One.



Functional grammar is taught as a tool of comprehension. Skill in the verbal and written communication of ideas is developed step-by-step through the grades.



Beginning in Grade One, guided composition through paragraph forms helps students achieve mastery in the logical presentation of ideas. Freedom is also given to foster the students’ creativity in an artistic sense.



Excellence of diction and enunciation are developed along with clarity and fluency of expression



Prose, poetry, drama, and games enrich the students’ understanding and awareness of subjects studied at each grade level. Plays are performed according to grade and maturity level. All students participate. The Carden literature program includes a variety of classics such as:

• First Grade: The Tale of Peter Rabbit
• Third Grade: Black Beauty
• Sixth Grade: A Dog of Flanders
• Eighth Grade: Julius Caesar