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Getting started with Carden is simple  

Read and sign our free license agreement.
Attend required Carden® Training Courses.               
Order Carden® materials.

1.      Carden® License Agreement
Our license agreement is designed to protect the integrity of the CARDEN METHOD® and thereby ensure optimum success for your students and children. It assures us that Carden® teachers will use our materials in harmony with Carden® teaching philosophy and techniques as presented in our courses and in manuals for teachers. There is no fee for these requirements, and they do not obligate you to make a purchase. You may attend Carden® courses without signing, however, we must have a signed agreement before instructional materials for teacher and child may be purchased.
2.      Carden Teacher Training
The Carden Educational Foundation requires that all schools, teachers, and parents who purchase Carden® curriculum materials receive training in the philosophy and teaching techniques of the CARDEN METHOD®. We offer a variety of courses, seminars, workshops, and demonstration teaching classes to help you become the best teacher you can be. Click here for our scheduled training events. If you don’t see the training you need in a convenient location, call the Foundation at 843-535-0090. We can help.
3.      Ordering CARDEN® Materials
Once we receive your signed license agreement, and you have attended required Carden® training, we will assign you an account number. You may order Carden® materials through our website or by calling our offices directly at 843-535-0090. You may also fax your order to 843-271-6559. If you shop before being assigned an account number, the items you select will be saved to a wish list. Call 843-535-0090 for the latest print edition of our Carden® Catalog or click here to download the PDF.