The goal of any homework given in Carden School® is to review, practice, and reinforce the skills a student has learned in class. Homework is not the place for new concepts.

Carden® classes are designed to teach the individual. A Carden® class is divided into groups which take turns sitting with the teacher for a lesson. Once the teacher-led lesson concludes, the students return to their desks. There the students will do classwork designed to review, practice, and reinforce the concepts just taught by the teacher. This classwork is reviewed by the teacher, who then has the opportunity to provide any additional explanation if necessary. By having classwork done in the classroom, and reviewed by the teacher, we your child is already well on the way to accomplishing the goal of homework, before even leaving school.
Your child will not be expected to learn new concepts from a worksheet. Any homework he or she receives will be for the purpose of practicing or reinforcing concepts already learned in class. You will not need to teach new ideas. If your child has difficulty with a particular bit of homework, tell the teacher. It is his or her responsibility to provide help and support until the new ideas take root and become part of your child’s body of knowledge.
The quantity of homework your child receives will vary throughout the year, and according to age and grade level. Support your child’s learning by providing a quiet, calm atmosphere for reading and thinking. Give your child opportunity to think through the processes needed to accomplish the homework.